5 Great Jobs with a Degree in Food Science

Food science programs teach you about food safety, recipe development and a number of other subjects, but you may want to find out what food science degree jobs you can get down the road. Those employed in this field work for major television networks, corporations, book publishers and government agencies. You may find a few different jobs that appeal to you.

Animal Nutritionist

If you like working around animals and care about the health and safety of animals, you might consider working as an animal nutritionist. These professionals work in zoos, veterinary hospitals and other facilities that have animals on-hand. They must understand the dietary needs of each animal and the types of food that those animals eat in the wild. Animal nutritionists determine the amount of calories that each animal needs and ensures that those animals receive the proper nutrition.

Food & Restaurant Inspector

Some of the jobs with a degree in food science require that you work in restaurants and food packaging facilities. A food and restaurant inspector is someone who inspects restaurants and facilities that make or package foods for the general public. As an inspector, you must ensure that workers follow proper food handling and safety standards, that the facility is in good condition and that others will not get sick from eating those foods. Restaurant inspectors are also responsible for grading a restaurant based on how well it follows those standards and shutting down restaurants that violate those regulations.

Product Developer

With a degree in food science, you can also work as a product developer. Product development is an important and rapidly growing industry today. Companies do not simply release new products onto the market without first going through several different research stages. Product developers might put different ingredients and dishes together to come up with new frozen dinners or convenience foods that shoppers can quickly put together at home. Developers may work independently or with others, and they often meet with consumers in focus groups and provide employers with information obtained during those meetings.

Recipe Developer

Some students like food science programs because they dream of working in jobs with a degree in food science like recipe development. While television chefs and celebrity cooks often come up with their own recipes, they also rely on a team of workers to help them develop recipes. The work that you do behind the scenes might appear on a popular TV show later. Recipe developers also work for companies that make products like boxed cake mixes and other convenience foods. They create recipes that shoppers can use at home to transform packaged foods.

Research Scientist

You can also use your degree in food science to work as a research scientist or food science technician. These technicians work with research institutes, farmers and organizations that want to improve the quality of food. They perform tests on soil samples, research new growing methods and do research into what changes those organizations and individuals should make. Though this is one of the more common jobs with a degree in food science you can get, these positions may require working around people or animals and not just ingredients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food science technicians make more than $36,000 a year.

With one of these great jobs in food science, you can work for a non-profit organization, a conglomeration of farmers, television networks, government agencies and for a host of other employers. Before choosing a minor or a concentration in college, look at some of the more common types of jobs with a degree in food science to decide what you should study.


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