5 High-Paying Jobs for MPA Grads

  • Government Affairs Executive
  • Top Market Research Director
  • Information and Data Management Officer
  • Public Utility Specialist
  • Human Resources Director

Earning a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) degree can result in a pay increase or job advancement because there are various high-paying jobs for MPA graduates. The prospective salary for MPA graduates will vary depending on the position, experience level and the sector in which the individual works. Whether the individual is working for the private sector or public sector can also play a role in determining wages. While some MPA salaries maybe around $35,000 annually, others may be six-digit figures. Here are 5 high-paying jobs for MPA graduates.

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Top Government Affairs Executive

Top government affairs executives may work at both the state and the federal level. Government affairs executives work for organizations on with matters involving regulations and government. They analyze possible legislation and what impact if any, this legislation will have on the organization. These executives also determine what the company’s position is on certain laws and regulations and relay this information proper channels both externally and internally as well as report this info to upper management. Upon gaining expertise and work experience, they may advance to upper management. Salary.com reports that government affairs executives earn an average annual wage of $237,758 as of December 2019.

Top Market Research Director

Top market research executives are highly trained professionals who are in charge of an organization’s market research division. They analyze industries, consumer statistics, and current sales and make predictions on future trends. After assessing their analysis, they determine that the organization is using the marketing trends that will bring the organization the highest productivity. When new products are introduced into the company, the market research executive tests the product and gathers data to determine the best marketing processes. These executives typically head an entire unit or division yet also answer to upper management. Top market research directors earned an average annual wage of $204,210 as of December 2019.

Information and Data Management Officer

Information and data management officers manage the information data and knowledge generated throughout an organization. They gather digital information, determine proper research strategies, identify sources of data, perform pertinent information review and consult on digital data policies and procedures. Their main purpose after analyzing information is to maintain, classify and story documentation. Information and data management officers often work for the CIA. Their earnings may range from $58,638 to $123,234 depending on experience, sector and geographic location.

Public Utilities Specialist

Public utility specialists generally work as experts in the natural gas industry. It’s not unusual to find a public utility specialist working for the Department of Defense. They study, analyze and monitor regulated natural gas and utilities marketers to determine their regular procedures. They take this information and their recommendations to management and provide management with their analysis of what the pricing may be for both regulated and unregulated companies using their knowledge of the actual financial market. They often find work with local government agencies and may earn from $96,970 to $126,062 per year.

Human Resources Director

Human resources directors work in both the private and public sectors and also work for a variety of organizations. Their duties and responsibilities also vary by the organization for which they work. Human resources directors are generally in charge of an entire human resources department and may delegate others to be in charge of different HR departments. They deal with the daily issues and problems dealing with the workforce of a company. They are also typically in charge of payroll, employee benefit packages and ensuring the company complies with laws. According to December 2019 report by PayScale.com, human resources directors earned an average annual wage of about $87,961.

Earning can increase significantly once an individual earns an MPA degree. Many graduates of the MPA programs state they’re more in a position to find jobs where they have the privilege of helping others. This combined with the various high-paying jobs available to MPA graduates make this degree a popular option.

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