Top 10 Graduate Degree Programs in Gerontology Online

College Values Online - Top Degree Programs-01Are you interested in the care of the aging? A graduate degree in gerontology can provide the tools you need to advance your career in serving the elderly. Caring for the aging population requires a wide variety of skills and knowledge to meet the growing needs of the elderly. The Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education reports that aging is a multidisciplinary field and defines gerontology as the study of the aging process. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds can benefit from a graduate degree in gerontology because a variety of fields influence the care of the aging. A graduate degree in gerontology can enhance your knowledge base and skills in order to serve the needs of the aging population. Check out the schools and programs below to find an opportunity that will enhance your career and future opportunities. 

#1 Concordia University, Chicago

#2 McDaniel College

#3 Brenau University

#4 Webster University

#5 University of Nebraska, Omaha

#6 University of Louisiana at Monroe

#7 University of North Carolina at Greensboro

#8 University of Utah

#9 University of Indianapolis

#10 Kansas State University

 Methodology for Ranking

The initial pool of schools for ranking graduate gerontology programs was developed from the College Navigator website. We ranked programs based on relevance to gerontology, online programs offered, and tuition. Tuition costs posted here are from the College Navigator website and are used for comparative purposes. If you are interested in a program, please contact the school of interest to confirm tuition costs to correctly anticipate your finical needs for graduate school.

Learn more about the gerontology graduate degree opportunity at KSU

10. Kansas State University

Online Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Science with a Specialization in Gerontology

In State Tuition $9,960

Out of State Tuition $22,483

The gerontology master’s degree offered by KSU is a master of science degree in human development and family science with a specialization in gerontology. The degree is intended for students who intend to work with the elderly. Graduates might be working directly with older adults, education, involved in researching aging issues or other opportunities. This program is 36 credits and offered in a flexible online format. Program curriculum is based on the competencies that the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education identified. Graduates’ careers may lead to opportunities including counseling the elderly and their families, retirement planning, managing retirement communities, or activities director, among others. To request information, start an application, or learn more about advancing your career in gerontology, go to the Kansas State University link.

Earn a graduate degree in gerontology online at The University of Indianapolis

9. University of Indianapolis 

Online Master of Science in Gerontology

Tuition $35,532

UIndy’s online master of science in gerontology program is “for all the ways we age” as they state on their home page. No two people grow old the same way, and the University of Indianapolis offers an education to give a positive and holistic approach to the aging process. UIndy offers the online master’s in gerontology program to qualified students with any variety of backgrounds who wish to improve the lives of older adults. This multidisciplinary master’s in gerontology program has a flexible online format and additional opportunities for service and networking. The University of Indianapolis M.S. in Gerontology program has earned the Program of Merit from the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education. Graduates can pursue career opportunities in a variety of settings including social work, agriculture, personal care, senior fitness, elder law and many more. The University of Indianapolis additionally offers a gerontology certificate in an online format for eligible candidates. If you’re interested in learning more about gerontology, are looking for a flexible education opportunity and have a desire to serve the aging population, check out the online master’s in gerontology program at the University of Indianapolis. 

Learn more about earning a graduate degree in gerontology at the University of Utah today!

8. University of Utah

Online Master of Science in Gerontology

In State Tuition $7,725

Out of State Tuition $23,740

The University of Utah offers prospective students an opportunity to earn a master of science in gerontology degree in a flexible online format. Students can take courses full time and complete the degree in one year or part time with two years for degree completion. The University of Utah reports that while gerontology has an obvious focus on older adults, there is value in understanding the entire course of life and therefore the human aging process. The program’s mission is to prepare students as they become leaders and experts and serve at different levels in society. The University of Utah does offer a gerontology certificate. A unique aspect of a graduate degree in gerontology is the variety of backgrounds students can have going into the program. Check out the University of Utah website to learn more about the master’s degree and future opportunities in gerontology. 

Earn a graduate degree online at UNCG

7. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Online Master of Science in Gerontology

In State Tuition $5,219

Out of State Tuition $18,937

UNCG offers an online Master of Science in Gerontology with an emphasis on applied learning and a mission to enrich the lives of the elderly. The program emphasizes applied learning and has a mission to teach, research and apply knowledge. This degree offers skills and experiences to professionals in a variety of fields working directly or indirectly with aging adults. UNCG reports gerontology is defined as the study of the aging process. The online pamphlet offered by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro about the M.S. in Gerontology online offers a wealth of information, not only about the program, but about gerontology as well. The current and anticipated demographic shift related to the baby boomer generation creates a need for gerontology professionals. With students coming from a variety of backgrounds, future careers for graduates have additional variety. Graduates of the online UNCG gerontology program can pursue opportunities in education, management, policy work, research, retirement planning, social work, banking, law and more. Go to the UNCG online M.S. in Gerontology website today to learn more about the program, changes in the American demographics and future career opportunities in gerontology. 

ULM offers an online graduate degree in gerontology

6. University of Louisiana Monroe

Online M.A. in Gerontology 

In State Tuition $6,490

Out of State Tuition $18,590

Students interested in earning a master of arts in gerontology degree can pursue an online option at ULM. The ULM master of arts in gerontology program online has a core curriculum and an additional six areas of focus for students to choose from. The focus areas include program administrator, aging studies, long-term care administration, small business management, mental health and grief case management. The variety of focus areas ULM offers reveals the variety of areas where a graduate gerontology degree would enhance the care of the elderly. Eligible students enrolled in the ULM gerontology program have the opportunity to pursue graduate assistantships. The ULM website offers useful advice and information about learning online.

University of Nebraska at Omaha offers an online gerontology graduate degree

5. University of Nebraska, Omaha

Online M.A. in Social Gerontology 

In State Tuition $4,950

Out of State Tuition $13,824

The University of Nebraska has two unique options for students who wish to gain an education about aging issues. Students can earn a master of arts in social gerontology online and choose between a thesis option and non-thesis option. The thesis option is for those interested in research: learning from, interpreting and possibly conducting research. The non-thesis option is for those working with or planning to work with the elderly. This second option provides education about the aging process and program development. The department of gerontology conducts research involving end of life planning, aging prisoners, resiliency and public policy. University of Nebraska offers additional gerontology degrees (not all are online options) including a PhD in gerontology, a dual degree option, certificates and bachelor’s degree programs. The number of program options that the University of Nebraska offers reveals a passion for gerontology. If you are interested in research, program development for the elderly and gaining knowledge regarding aging, check out the online M.A. in gerontology program available at the University of Nebraska today. 

Learn more about the graduate degree in gerontology online at Webster University below

4. Webster University 

Online M.A. in Gerontology 

Tuition $13,140

Webster University offers an online master of arts in gerontology program at a competitive price! Students enrolled in the Webster University gerontology program have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge for gerontology-related careers. Gerontology is the study of aging involving both the behavioral and social sciences. The curriculum involves courses studying management, economics, natural sciences, political science and more. The masters in gerontology degree is a unique degree, and mutual disciplines can benefit from a gerontological expert. The aging population will benefit from gerontological expertise in areas including policy, products design, administration, counseling, medical and financial planning and more. Webster University’s master’s in gerontology program is 36 credits and includes a core curriculum and additional elective courses. Students can also pursue graduate certificates in gerontology through Webster University. This unique and affordable gerontology program can give you the tools and foundation for a positive impact on the aging population. Learn more about the program, curriculum admissions and gerontology opportunities on the website. 

Eligible students can earn a graduate degree in gerontology online at Brenau University

3. Brenau University 

Online Master of Science in Applied Gerontology

Tuition $12,330

Brenau University offers an online M.S. in Applied Gerontology for eligible  students interested in the aging population. The program has rolling admissions, online courses and full time or part time options. Full time students can complete the program in just one year. Since the program is online, students can utilize the school’s tech support for any issues and can communicate with professors by email and phone. The program is designed to offer skills and knowledge that graduates can use to serve the older population. Brenau University reports a need for professionals who are qualified and trained to serve the aging population in America. This degree can offer an education to support this need and serve the aging population in various settings. You can learn more about this unique and flexible online master’s program that can help advance your career in gerontology. 

McDaniel College offers an online graduate degree in gerontology

2. McDaniel College

Online Master of Science in Gerontology

Tuition $8,820

Are you interested in improving the quality of life for aging adults? The McDaniel College online master of science in gerontology program can equip graduates with the knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life for older adults. Students in the M.S. in gerontology program can earn their degree online, on campus or in a hybrid format. Additionally, students can pursue a Specialist in Aging graduate certificate. The small class size at McDaniel College give students unique individual attention from professors. Students enrolled in the gerontology program at McDaniel College can benefit from access to workshops, seminars and the Center for the Study of Aging. Students will additionally have opportunities to participate in the gerontology club, improve research skills and engage in the community.  Studying gerontology at McDaniel College offers students the opportunity to be an advocate for the elderly, develop an area of expertise and more. Prospective students can learn more about this flexible online master’s program and more exciting opportunities at the McDaniel College website. 

Concordia University has unique gerontology degrees online

1 . Concordia University, Chicago 

Online M.A. in Gerontology

Online PhD in Leadership and Gerontology Focus 

Online EdD Program in Leadership and Gerontology

Tuition $15,000

Students interested in advancing their career in gerontology can find multiple flexible degree options at Concordia University. Earning a master’s in gerontology, PhD or EdD with a gerontology focus are all online options prospective students can pursue. The M.A. in gerontology prepares graduates to pursue opportunities that support the aging population and help improve the lives of the elderly. The EdD and PhD in Leadership with a gerontology specialization provides students with training for future leadership roles. Gerontologists can anticipate taking on positions in areas such as government, healthcare or academia. Career opportunities for a gerontologist can include retirement communities, government agencies, community organizations, long term care institutions and more. These degree options are unique and offer the flexibility of online curriculum. To learn more about the specific requirements and curriculum for the master and doctorate degrees, check out the links.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gerontology? 

The Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education defines gerontology as the “study of the aging process and individuals as they grow from middle age through later life.” The AGHE website offers a significant amount of information for prospective students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in gerontology. 

What occupations pursue a graduate degree in gerontology? 

The majority of the programs listed above communicate that prospective students with any background can apply to the program. The gerontology degree can lead to a unique career in serving older adults, or enhance your current career by gaining expertise in the aging population. 

Where do graduates of online gerontology programs work? 

Professionals with an expertise in gerontology work in a variety of settings. Most of the programs listed in this ranking offer prospective students a long list of potential career opportunities for graduates ranging from research, law, management, education, to social work and so much more. In what ways do you want to support the aging population? What is your background and skill set? Check out the programs and find the fit that’s best for you and contact the schools to learn more about your future career opportunities. 

How long does it take to complete the program? 

This ultimately depends on which program you pursue and which type of program. Typically the masters program’s can be complete in about one year if full time, and some programs offer up to five years for program completion. Contact your school of interest to get a plan of study for your degree of interest that can fit your needs.

By Erin Padden RN, BSN

Erin graduated from Cedarville University in 2012 with a BSN. She currently works in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania while pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice at Thomas Jefferson University (an online/hybrid program).

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